Q. How do I book the Village Hall?

A. Telephone 07940 436805 or email hempnallvhbooking@gmail.com.


Q. Can I book the Hall on-line?

A. No, sorry but this facility is not available


Q. What heating provision is there?

A. All of the rooms available to hire are heated by Drugasar instant gas heaters. These can be turned on to provide instant heat, full instructions are posted in the rooms.


Q. Does my hire include items such as cups, plates, cutlery etc?

A. Provision is made for light teas only. Cups and saucers, side plates, tea-spoons, tea-pots and tea-urns are available in the kitchens.


Q.How do I gain access to the Hall?

A.You will be met at the start of your hire period and your accommodation will be opened to you.


Q. What happens at the end of my booking?

A. You should ensure that the accommodation is in the same condition as you found it. You will need to take all rubbish away with you. A commitee member will attend to ensure that the accommodation is secured.


Q. How many chairs and tables are available?

A. There are currently 150 chairs, 21 large (1.8m/6') tables and 15 small (0.6m/4') tables

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